New Zealand GST Calculator

This is very simple NZ GST calculator. It can be used as well as reverse GST calculator so it is easy to calculate GST inclusive and exclusive prices

Enter any value you know - GST value, price including GST or price enclusive GST - the other values will be calculated instantly.


GST rate in New Zealand

Current (2017) GST rate in New Zealand is 15%.

GST history in New Zealand

  • 1986 - GST in New Zealand was introduced at rate 10%.
  • 1989 - goods and sales tax was increased to 12.5%.
  • 2010 - GST was increased once more up to current 15% rate.

How to calculate GST manualy

To calculate GST at 15% on your goods and services is very easy: just multiple your GST exclusive amount by 0.15.

$1000 is GST exlusive value

$1000 * 0.15 = $150 GST amount

Or you can multiply GST exclusive amount by 1.15 to get GST inclusive amount

$1000 is GST exlusive value

$1000 * 1.15 = $1150 GST inclusive amount

It is a little bit complicated formula if you want to know GST part of GST inclusive amount, but it is still quite easy calculation. All you need to do is multiply GST inclusive amount by 3 and then divide it by 23

$230 is GST inclusive value

$230 * 3 = $690

$690 / 23 = $30 GST value

To get GST exclusive amount while knowing GST inclusive value you need to multiply GST inclusive price by 20 ant then divide result by 23

$230 is GST inclusive value

$230 * 20 = $4600

$4600 / 23 = $200 GST exclusive amount

You always can use above New Zealand GST calculator if manual GST calculation still looks too complicated for you.