GST Calculator (Australia)

This GST calculator is the easiest way to calculate goods and sales tax (GST) amount in Australia. It can be used as well as reverse GST calculator.

Enter any value can be used as input - GST value, price including GST or price enclusive GST - the rest will be calculated automaticaly.


GST rate in Australia

Current (2017) GST rate in Australia is 10%.

GST history

Goods and sales tax in Australia was introduced in 2000 and unlike in New Zealand GST rate in Australia was always the same 10%

How to calculate Australian GST manualy

To calculate Australian GST at 10% rate is very easy: just multiple your GST exclusive amount by 0.1.

$500 is GST exlusive value

$500 * 0.1 = $50 GST amount

To get GST inclusive amount multiply GST exclusive value by 1.1

$500 is GST exlusive value

$500 * 1.1 = $550 GST inclusive amount

To get GST part of GST inclusive amount you need divide GST inclusive amount by 11

$220 is GST inclusive value

$220 / 11 = $20 GST value

To get GST exclusive amount while knowing GST inclusive value you need to multiply GST inclusive price by 10 ant then divide result by 11

$220 is GST inclusive value

$220 * 10 = $2200

$2200 / 11 = $200 GST exclusive amount

But the best choice is to use above Australian GST calculator.