Depending on province sales taxes in Canada consist of GST (Good and Services Tax) and PST (Provincial Sales Tax) combination or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) only. Check table bellow what kind of sales tax applies to each Canadian province/territory.

This sales tax calculator can be used as GST calculator, PST or HST calculator depending on selected province or territory.

Sales tax in Canada

Here is a list of sales tax implementation by province/territory in Canada

GST rate

GST rate in Canada is 5% in 2018.

PST rates

PST (Provincial Sales Tax) is implemented in four Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Manitoba, Québec and Saskatchewan. In Québec PST is called QST (Québec Sales Tax) or TVQ (Taxe de vente du Québec) in French. In Manitoba it is called RST (Retail Sales Tax).

Current PST rates are:

Province PST Rate
British Columbia 7%
Manitoba 8%
Québec 9.975%
Saskatchewan 6%

HST rates

Currently HST is implemented in five Canadian provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. Here are current (2018) HST rates in Canada:

Province HST Rate Federal Part Provincial Part
New Brunswick 15% 5% 10%
Newfoundland and Labrador 15% 5% 10%
Nova Scotia 15% 5% 10%
Ontario 13% 5% 8%
Prince Edward Island 15% 5% 10%

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